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Water Purification Services

Whether it’s borehole, well or mains water, if you have a water problem we have the solution.

Better for you.
Better for the planet.

Better for you,

About Me.

Having worked as Plumber in the UK since I was 16, it wasn’t until I moved to Portugal and started working with one of the leading German water purification specialist that I became aware of just how many toxins are in the water that we drink.

I was very fortunate to then work with Bluewater who share the same goals as I do. Together we designed and built the water stations that are used all over the world at major sporting events. My greatest achievement was to build the largest water dispensing wall in the world at the 150th Open in st Andrews.

I am so excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to Portugal, where together we will move towards eliminating single use plastic bottles.

Purity matters, water is life.

Water Purification.

Purity Matters stocks the best and most efficient brands on the market. So, whether its a drinking water purifier or a whole house solution we have the product for you.

Swedish water purifiers

Ecosoft water softener

Water Quality Association.

Starting in 2023 Purity Matters have become registered with the water quality association.

As a WQA member we adhere to their strict code of ethics, and have access to up to date industry information, including: professional certification and training, product testing and technical expertise, industry trends and statistical information.

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