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The 150th Open 2022.

Working with Bluewater we built the world’s largest wall of water at 16 metres long with 12 dispensers and two 55″ screens. From the water wall and the other 21 water stations we dispensed over 80,000 litres of purified water eliminating 160,000 single use plastic water bottles.

Iron filter and softener.

The client had not been able to use her borehole water as the Iron content was very high, we liaised with her builder during the construction of a much larger water cistern to ensure we had optimal conditions to remove as much Iron before the water even got to the filters.

Cascais drinking water station.

The Miripuri foundation and Bluewater worked together to bring purified water to Cascais naval club, the water station which had previously travelled the world for the Volvo Ocean race was completely refurbished by Purity Matters and has been working great ever since.

Water softener & drinking water purifier in Loule.

Mains water doesn’t always mean good water. The water was so high in total hardness that it was causing reoccurring damage to the solar water heater. Purity Matters solved the problem, by installing a water softener in the garden to provide soft water throughout the property and an Ecosoft 5 stage reverse osmosis filter to purify the water for drinking.

52 Super Series.

This drinking water station provided drinking water for all the sailors during the 2021 and 2022 racing session, we prepared the station before the event session and in 2022 we helped make a complete refurbishment both outside and in.

Bluewater Spirit.

This Swedish designed purifier provides a good flow of high pressure water to the sink and also the fridge to provide purified water for the drinks dispenser and ice maker.

Bluewater Cleone.

Worried about taking up valuable space under the kitchen sink, the client asked if we could locate the Bluewater Cleone in the room next door, which we did with ease.